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Lukassen Plantgoed is owned by Addy and Marjan Lukassen.

Our business has been based in Panningen since 2005. We operate a 2 hectare site, of which 1 hectare under glass and 5000 m2 of tunnel space

Growing the best plant material 

We grow a wide range of Prunus laurocerasus, including the new licenced varieties. Other important product groups are Hydrangea macrophylla, Buddleja and several varieties of Taxus.

Our ground cover range consists of several species of Euonymus fortunei, Vinca major and Cotoneaster. Our plants are grown in a P9, 9.5 cm round or a P11 pot.

Healthy plants: 

Our aim is to supply healthy, well-branched plants.

Both our plant material and ground cover varieties are:

True to species

Good root development

Pruned on several occasions

Accompanied by a licence and/or photo label


Interested? A visit to our nursery is always worthwhile! Please do not hesitate to get in touch.


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